*Emergency Medical Release Form
We need this form on file for every student each school year.

Acceptable Use Policy
Signing this form allows the student's access to the school's technology.

Allergy Information
Please fill out this form if your child has allergies that require special requirements during school.

Chippewa Cares
Safe Home Pledge

CMS Communications Guidelines
This form gives the parents the right to opt their child out of directory information and communication tools.

Homework Intervention Policy

Medication Request Form
Please fill out thIs form if your child needs medication at school.  We must have this form on file if your child needs to take medication during the school day or needs to keep any kind of medication with them (ex. epi pen, inhaler)

Policies and Procedures in the Student-Parent Handbook
Each student and their parent or guardian needs to sign this form stating you read the policies and procedures in the CMS Handbook.

Retest Policy

Tdap Information 2016-2017 School Year
Ohio school law has changed the immunization requirements for current 6th-grade students entering 7th grade in the fall of 2016. Students must show proof of immunization before starting the 2016-2017 school year.  Click here for the Wayne County Health Department Immunization Clinics.


Athletic EMA form
This is the Emergency Release Form for Athletics

Chippewa Athletic Consent Approval Form
This is the form that students and parents need to sign and return along with their physicals and emergency medical form

Chippewa Training Rules
This is a copy of the Training Rules

Middle School Info Letter   
This letter lists all things necessary for Middle School Athletic participation  

OHSAA Physical Form
This is the Physical Form needed to take to the Doctor.  Please print all four pages.


To find information about Career Connections that we will start to implement throughout the year see the attachments below.  “Creating a link between learning and future work”  

Wayne County Newsletter: