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8th Grade

8th Grade Teachers

8-1 Brian Misanko, Social Studies 4-3-17

We are currently studying the Civil War.  

-Students are taking a look at causes leading up to the war

-Going over the major people and events throughout the war

-Comparing the North and South's economies and war strategies

8-2 Jud Hartman, Science

Diversity of species occurs through gradual processes over many generations. Fossil records provide evidence that changes have occurred in number and types of species.

  • Fossils provide important evidence of how life and environmental conditions have changed.
  • Changes in environmental conditions can affect how beneficial a trait will be for the survival and reproductive success of an organism or an entire species.
  • Throughout Earth’s history, extinction of a species has occurred when the environment changes and the individual organisms of that species do not have the traits necessary to survive and reproduce in the changed environment. Most species (approximately 99 percent) that have lived on Earth are now extinct.

8-3 Susan Leach, Math

Please sign up for text message reminders through  Type the following code to 81010 on your cell phone.  Choose the code based on the math class your child takes.  

Algebra 1:  @leachalg    or    8th Grade Math:   @leach8math


Unit 5:  Linear Relationships & Functions

Team Test & Individual Test will be the week of January 16th

Chapter 5:  Sequences
Team Test will be the week of January 16th
*Please visit my class information page in Progress Book to register for the CPM student E-Book.
8-4 Lisa Smith, Language Arts

Quarter 3: We are beginning a unit on informational text.  Important dates will be posted as the unit unfolds. End of Quarter Exam will be Friday, March 10th.  Students are staring a research paper on Tuesday, March 7th.  All research and writing will be done in class.  Students will be selecting books for their last book project on Tuesday, March 14th.  

8-5 Deanna White, Writing