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7th Grade

Seventh Grade 2016-2017

7th Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Coney, Science
Ms. Lorenzen, Reading
Mrs. Marshall, Writing

Miss Pew, Math
Mrs. Rossi, Social Studies
Mr. Steele, Intervention Specialist


Seventh Grade Upcoming Events

Testing  May 2 and 3
Progress Reports - May 3



This week in Science                                                                                     March 13, 2017


       This week we will learn about the stages of matter, water chemistry, atoms, molecules, acids and bases.  We will have STEM labs this week.  Students may bring in water samples from home to test for pH and TDS amounts   


     We had a very successful Mars Rover Egg Drop Project on Friday!  The students compared their projects to the Mars Rover Project. They learned what materials and designs worked the best. The student’s favorite projects used parachutes, suspensions and thicker materials.  Congratulations to this year’s “Best in Show” projects: Chloe Leach, Christian Moyer, Aaron Sommers, Zach Schrock, William Browning and Ethan Rhodes.

Homework – Students need to work on their Science Fair projects every day.

Monday             Google Classroom assignment
Tuesday             Google Classroom assignment
Wednesday         Google Classroom assignment
Thursday            Google Classroom assignment
Friday                 Science Fair

Social Studies

   With Mrs. Rossi

·      As we wrap up our review of China and Japan in the Middle Ages, there will be a test over this material on Tuesday.  Students were given a study guide and encouraged to take their notebooks home to study!

·      Our next unit will be taking us to the empires of Africa.  We’ll begin by looking at the history and geography of early Africa.

·      If your child is assigned In the News this week, it is due Friday.  As always, I am happy to print articles for those without access to do so at home!


π   7th Grade Math  

Reminder: Math AIR testing for 7th Grade will be May 2 & 3!

v  ALL CLASSES: This week we are taking two AIR practice tests to prepare for our 7th Grade Math AIR test May 2 and 3.  Students can learn about the online math tools and how to enter their answers properly.  We will also be reviewing different topics including unit rates and fractions.

v  Math 7 Core 3: See above.  We are also finishing the Probability Unit Test Monday. 

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions about what we are doing in class or any other concerns.

-       Miss Pew


7th Grade Writing

Apr. 24-28, 2017

April RAFT and BINGO sheets have been passed out.  Students should be working on them a little each day.  After becoming familiar with how to examine their own pieces, students will return to NANOWRIMO to edit and revise their novels from November.  Students will also work on writing tasks that deal with the novel Fever 1793 that they are reading in Ms. Lorenzen’s class. 

·      2 RAFT FCs – due 4/24

·      Complete “To Do”List and writing piece by 4/27

·      5 APRIL BINGOs – due 4/28

Mrs. Marshall J or 330.658.2214 ext. 422

Seventh Grade Newsletters and Class Information