7th Grade

The Seventh-Grade Team

Mrs. Coney, Science
Ms. Lorenzen, Reading
Mrs. Marshall, Writing
Mrs. Rossi, Social Studies
Mr. Geiser, Math


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This week in Science....
State Standard  that we will cover this week:     Students can explain how the number of organisms an ecosystem can support depends on adequate biotic (living) resources (e.g., plants, animals) and abiotic (non-living) resources (e.g., light, water and soil).

     Today in Science we discussed last night’s Supermoon and how a Supermoon occurs.  We will continue to learn about the transfer of energy in an ecosystem and the loss of energy in each trophic level.  

Lab – We will be making Decomposition Chambers in lab next week. If you have any empty 2 liter plastic bottles, please send them to school by December 11th

CMS Share a Christmas – Each homeroom is collecting different items for this year’s Share a Christmas. My homeroom (7-2) is collecting lotions, body sprays, adult coloring books, hair accessories, spirit war (size 14), GameStop gift card, books and slime making kits. 


Homework for December 4 - 8

Monday          No homework

Tuesday         Finish classwork

Wednesday    Finish classwork

Thursday       Food web

Friday             Food pyramid




Ms. lorenzen







Novel:  Bad Boy by Walter Dean Myers- We are finished with the book! In class this week we will be doing mini-research projects using this book.  This is an assessment grade.  Attendance is important.

December 11- Students independent book must be finished. Make sure this book is completed.


Mr. Geiser’s Weekly

December 4th-December 8th


7th Grade Math- We will be doing operations with fractions along with working with proportions. We will be doing a homework Quiz on Friday and it will have EXACT questions from the homework on it for the week.


Pre-Algebra- We will continue working with systems of equations in chapter 5 this week. I may do some sort of an assessment by Thursday or Friday. 

7th Grade Writing


December 4-8, 2017

Students have received their December RAFT and BINGO sheets.  Due dates will be listed on this page AND copies of the RAFT and BINGOS will be posted on my class page in Progress Book.  Students will continue working with poems and short stories to find ideas for writing.  Please let me know if you have questions about what we are doing in class. 

·         December RAFT RDs (6) – due 12/11

·         December RAFT FC (1) – due 12/21

·         5 December BINGOs – due 12/21

Mrs. Marshall

chip_lmarsa@tccsa.net or 330.658.2214 ext. 422




  Social Studies

   With Mrs. Rossi






·         This week the students will be closely studying what daily life was like in ancient Rome.  Students will be examining what foods they ate, what life was like for women, what they did for fun, what the religion was, and what school was like in ancient Rome. 

·         After studying what life was like in ancient Rome, students will compare it to life today and create a “time travel” brochure for Rome!

·         There will be a quiz over chapter 10 on Friday!

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