7th Grade

The Seventh-Grade Team

Mrs. Coney, Science
Ms. Lorenzen, Reading
Mrs. Marshall, Writing
Mrs. Rossi, Social Studies
Mr. Geiser, Math


Upcoming Events

May 14th  Science Fair


This week in Science....

    This week we will learn about atoms, electricity and the five stages of matter. We will have STEM labs on Friday.  Students need to continue to work on their Science Fair projects. On Friday, students will bring in pictures on their phone (or email) so I am able to check their progress. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at chip_coney@tccsa.net



Monday           Science Fair – Materials and Procedure

Tuesday           Science Fair

Wednesday      Study for the Electricity Quiz

Thursday         Science Fair Picture

Friday              Science Fair Project Check



  Social Studies

   With Mrs. Rossi





Hello all! I’m officially back from my maternity leave, and I’m excited to be back and working with the 7th grade!

  • This week, we will continue to study the Renaissance and Reformation.  Students will be taking a closer look at the reformation and the ideas of Martin Luther and John Calvin.
  • We will begin In the News again this week for the final round this year.  If your child is assigned In the News, it will be due Friday.


7th Grade Writing

April 16-20, 2018

There will not be any RAFTs for April due to test prep.  We are working on informational and argumentative essay writing this week.  Please encourage your child to do their very best work on these review packets so that I have an actual idea of what level they are at.   Please let me know if you have questions about what we are doing in class. 

  • Please send in the envelope with your student’s name on it (and notecards) by Friday, 4/20!
  • If you are able to send in a snack for testing dates, please send in the bottom half of the blue slip (went home last Tuesday) by Wednesday, 4/18.  Thank you!
  • ELA AIR test – 4/24-4/25

Mrs. Marshall

indian head.JPGchip_lmarsa@tccsa.net or 330.658.2214 ext. 422



 Mr. Geiser’s Weekly

April 16th-20th


7th grade math- We will be doing a geometry section this week and will have an assessment on Edulastic by the end of the week


*Please check your student’s grades. We have a lot of students not turning in work. They were able to do test corrections for their inequality quiz and if it’s not done, their grade will reflect that.


Pre-Algebra- We will be working on finding the volume of different shapes. Keep encouraging your students to work hard!! We have 3 weeks until the math test!!


This week we will be reviewing concepts we have studied this year in preparation for the test.  We will be working in stations. A grade will be given for hard work, as well as understanding the concepts. 

Library- EVERYONE needs a book to read for this nine weeks.  The book questions are on May 8th.  The book can be student's choice.

Skills: We will be practicing test taking strategies for the State Test.


Assessment: Quiz on Thursday


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