6th Grade

The 6th Grade Team

Ben Hymes, Math

Lisa Ferris, Language Arts

Marnita Lorenzen, Language Arts

Deanna White, Social Studies

Jennifer Nemet, Science

Clarissa Wylie, Intervention Specialist

A Peek at Our Week

Language Arts:  We are moving along in our quarter 2 non-fiction unit.  We will begin by using our common core workbook to cover basic standards for non-fiction text.  We will then read Malala or Parallel Journeys depending on the class.  There will also be a non-fiction book project for the quarter due on Dec. 21st.  


Math: We will be learning the distributive property, percents, and the correct graphical representation of data over the next few weeks. 

           I will not be available for conferences Thursday (10/11). I am available on Friday (10/12 & 10/19) from 3:30 - 5:30. Contact the office if interested. 


Go Chipps!!!!!


Science  Week of 12/11

Learning Standards

This week, students will be involved in many different experiments that illustrate phase changes (evaporation, condensation, freezing, melting).  Students will need to explain these phase changes on a molecular level.  There will be a quiz over evaporation and condensation on Friday of this week.

Go Chipps!!!!!!


Social Studies

Week of 1029/18 - 11/2/18

This week we will finish up our Geography unit and move into Regions and Human Interactions unit.

Monday - Tuesday we will be reviewing for our test on Wednesday (10/31/18).

               The test will cover the following:  Identifying Latitude and longitude lines, explaining the difference between relative and absolute location, Labeling and identifying continent location by hemisphere as well as cardinal directions.  Students will have to labeling the tropics: Capricorn, Cancer, Arctic Circle & Antarctic Circle. The students will also have to answer questions and label information in reagards to the equator, parallels, meridians as well as label the 5 oceans and 7 continents.  They will demonstrate their understanding of longitude and latitude by identifying specific locations using latitude/longitude lines and degrees.

Students have worksheets in their binders to study from as well as the option to log onto quizlet.com 

Thursday - Fri. We will begin unit on Regions and Human Interactions. 





Students of the Month

September:  Vincent Windows and Molly Goodrich

October:  Logan Andrukat and Zoey Lutz

November: Rebecca Caples and Beckett Booth