5th Grade

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Mrs. Genet, Language Arts

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Mrs. Schmitz, Science     

Mrs. Koroshazi, Math    

Mrs. Storad, Social Studies

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Mrs. Robinson, Intervention 





 8:05-8:15  HOMEROOM (Students will be marked tardy after 8:15.)

 8:20-9:18     CORE 1

 9:20-10:05   SPECIALS

10:07-11:05    CORE 2 

11:07-11:30    EXPANSION

11:30-12:00    LUNCH

12:05-12:23    EXPANSION CONTINUED  

12:25-1:23      CORE 3

1:25-2:23      CORE 4

2:25-3:05      ADVANCEMENT



11/18/2019 - 11/22/2019



This week we will be learning about the Brothers Grimm through the non-fiction book Who Were the Brothers Grimm?. These brothers are responsible for gathering and writing many fairy tales. Students will be practicing different reading strategies with this book.


*The Scholastic News magazine and worksheet will be the weekly homework for Non-fiction November!  Make sure you read the whole magazine, and do the both worksheets. Due Friday, 11/22.




MATH: This week in Math, students will continue to study decimals!  By the end of the week, all fifth grade students will be fluently adding decimals!  We will continue to study operations with fractions, covering subtraction next.  As we are studying operations, our math facts will be used on a daily basis!  Please make sure that your child is confident in the math facts!  Information about the 5th grade Math Club will be coming home soon!


SCIENCE:  We are finishing up our Invasive Species reserach projects in science this week! We will also begin presentations this week. Our final activity in our life science unit will be a "create your own creature" project. As we are wrapping up the full life science unit we will start looking to set a date for the Life Science unit test. I am hoping to set this date for Tuesday, November 26th, but I will push the date back to after Thanksgiving break if needed! Have a wonderful week!


SOCIAL STUDIES:  Students are in for a busy week as they work on their artifacts and assemble their research and pictures on a tri-fold board. Monday and Tuesday will be work days- students can bring in materials to make artifacts for their group's museum exhibit. On Wednesday, each group will learn their presentation date. Students may begin bringing in the artifacts they made at home on Thursday, and presentations are scheduled to begin on Thursday as well. My goal is to have all presentations completed BEFORE Thannksgiving Break. I am so excited to watch each "expert historian" present their research to the class! 



Please stay up-to-date with homework assignments and your child’s progress by checking Progress Book regularly.  If you have troubles logging in, please contact our school office at (330) 658-2214.


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 Students of the Month


September Students of the Month: Lilly Davis and Grady McNab 

October Students of the Month: Temperance Kramer and Will Hegarty 

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