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Friday, September 1 - Second football game. Away @ Loudonville. Click on the event in the calendar and I believe the address is there which will link you to google maps for directions. 


Report Time: 4:15 pm

We will do a run through of the show beginning promptly at 4:15 pm on our practice field. After this, we will load our equipment onto the truck and prepare for departure. Once everything is loaded, students will then begin to get into uniform. Students will be in full uniform when getting on the bus. If they would like to take off their jackets once on the bus, they may do so. This allows section leaders to do a uniform inspection before we leave the school and make sure nobody forgets any part of their uniform. 

When we return to the school, students have to unload the truck, put away equipment, take uniforms off/store them properly, and they also participate in a group activity for about 10 minutes. Please be patient when picking them up directly after performances.

Thank you for your continued support to the program. The students have been working hard and are so happy to share their talents with the community and others. 

For performances, students must have:

Instrument - all parts (ex. Reed, mouthpiece, neckstrap, etc.)

All uniform parts




Black Block C Ball Cap

Band shirt on underneath uniform

Music - flip folder and lyre

Drawstringbag - provided

Rain coat - only if its raining


Alexa McCleaster

Director of Bands

330-658-2011 x 515


Absence Form - Due two weeks before absence