8th Grade

The 8th Grade Team


8-1 Olivia DeMeio, Social Studies 


8-2 Jud Hartman, Science

We will be studying the Earth's interior, plate tectonics, dynamic changes of Earth's surface, geologic cross sections and the formation of Earth's surface and topography. 


8-3 Susan Leach, Math

Please sign up for text message reminders through remind.com.  Type the following code to 81010 on your cell phone.  Choose the code based on the math class your child takes.  

Algebra 1:  @leachalg    or    8th Grade Math:   @leach8math

Algebra 1:  We have begun Chapter 2:  Linear Relationships.  Chapter 2 focuses on students understanding the connection among the four ways to show a linear relationship:  graphs, situations, tables and equations.  Students have been doing a great job working in teams and actively using their team roles.  Excellent math discussions are taking place everyday!  Students took their first team test of the year and it was a great success.  
Pre-Algebra:  We are now in Chapter 2:  Simplifying with Variables.  This is going to be a fun unit because students get to work with Algebra Tiles in every lesson.  Algebra Tiles help students simplify equations by combining like terms.  We will also use Algebra Tiles to solve equations through inverse operations.  Algebra Tiles are used  so that all students can access abstract understanding through the use of concrete manipulatives.  

8-4 Lisa Smith, Language Arts

We are studying informational texts this grading period. Vocabulary Test over Units 7-9 will be February 23.  Book report projects are due February 26.


8-5 Deanna White, Writing