7th Grade

The Seventh-Grade Team

Mrs. Coney, Science
Mrs. Marshall, Language Arts
Mr. Misanko, Social Studies
Miss. Badock, Math


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Report Cards  March 29th



This week in Science....

March 18-22


     This week in Science students will learn about seedless nonvascular plants and seedless vascular plants.  We have our third quarter Science exam on Thursday which is worth 20% of their grade.  The exam will cover the oceans, tides, phases of the moon and the characteristics of the moon.

Upcoming Events
March 21st   Math and Science Quarter Exams
March 22nd  Language Arts and Social Studies Exams March 29th  Report Cards

                                  Mrs. Coney
 chip_coney@tccsa.net or 330.658.2011 ext. 5243




This week in social studies we will be reviewing for the exam on Friday.  Students will be provided with a review packet with material that will be covered on exam.  Also, there is a Quizlet review on Google Classroom that is accessible anytime, from anywhere, on any type of device.  On Tuesday we will be playing a review game as a class called Kahoot.  Questions will be projected in front of class on the board and students participate from their own computer.  

Email with any questions or concerns to chip_bmisanko@tccsa.net

7th grade Math    

Student will continue to work on solving inequalities and will begin to solve linear equations. They will not have a Friday activity because of their exams this week!
Due Tuesday: 6-54 to 6-59
Due Wednesday: Exam Study Guide and 6-54 to 6-59

7th grade Pre-Algebra

This week students will continue to work with rules of exponents and scientific notation. They will not have a Friday activity because of their exams this week! Homework:
Due Tuesday: 8-88 to 8-93
Due Wednesday: Exam Study Guide and 8-94 to 8-99

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at chip_ebadock@tccsa.net or call at (330)-658-2011 ext. 5244

Miss Badock

7th grade language arts


  We will focus on argument writing and continue reading nonfiction articles and completing comprehension activities in preparation for the AIR test.

  • ELA exam - 3/22

Mrs. Marshall

330-658-2011  ext. 5246



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