7th Grade

The Seventh-Grade Team

Mrs. Coney, Science
Mrs. Marshall, Language Arts
Mr. Misanko, Social Studies
Miss. Badock, Math


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November 5-16  Can Food Drive 

November 21st   Powder Puff Football Game


This week in Science....

November 12, 2018                                    Mrs. Coney                                       chip_coney@tccsa.net

Standards: Students can identify thermal-energy transfers in the atmosphere that influence global climate patterns.    

     Students are learning about the thermal-energy transfers of the atmosphere and the heating of our earth. We will be comparing conduction, convection and thermal radiation and their impact on the heating of our earth and troposphere.  We will have a quiz on Friday.  Students should bring home their Science notebook and study Energy Transfers and the characteristics of the atmospheric layers. 

     Report cards were sent home on Friday.  If you have any questions or concerns please call (330 658-2011 ext. 5243) or email (chip_coney@tccsa.net).
Mrs. Coney                                                               

Monday             No homework
Tuesday            No homework
Wednesday       Study                                                           
Thursday           Study
Friday               Science Quiz


Social Studies

The study of Ancient Rome continues.  Recently students read about the legend of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome.  Monday students compared and contrasted Plebeians and Patricians in Roman society.  Please remember that there will be a small quiz each Friday about what was covered throughout the week.   

Mr. Misanko


7th grade language arts



We are working on “In Flanders Field” which is a Veteran’s Day poem.  We are also reading the novel Restart by Gordon Korman.  All work is on Google Classroom.  Students know which questions are required for their class.  Novel needs to be finished by 11/30.  November RAFTS (3 RDs due 11/20) and one FC is due 11/30.  November BINGOs due 11/30 as well.

Mrs. Marshall

330-658-2011  ext. 5246


    7th grade Math    


This week we will be finishing up Chapter 2. We will end with ideas about graphing and how to analyze data based on graphs. The team test will be Thursday of this week. On Friday, we will have a review activity to help prepare students for the individual test on Tuesday.

7th grade Pre-Algebra

This week we are finishing up Chapter 3 which included solving equation, graphing, and creating rules based on a table of given values. We will be team testing on Wednesday and starting chapter 4 before Thanksgiving break. I will also be recording for my resident educator, so if your student did not get a permission slip signed please have them get another on from me!

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at chip_ebadock@tccsa.net or call at (330)-658-2011 ext. 5244

Miss Badock


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