7th Grade

The Seventh-Grade Team

Mrs. Coney, Science
Mrs. Marshall, Language Arts
Mr. Misanko, Social Studies
Miss. Badock, Math


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This week in Science....

Standards:  Students can analyze and interpret data.  Students can identify sets of procedures for scientific investigations. 
    This week in Science, students will learn how the water cycle is an important part of the climate and the environment of all of the biomes on the earth. Students will learn about the importance of the water cycle to the environment and the stages of the water cycle.  They will learn that there is a transfer of energy between the atmosphere and the hydrosphere. 

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Mrs. Coney


7th grade language arts
September 17-21, 2018

      Last week, we processed a lot about  9/11.  Students will be completing a poem analysis and visual representation to show their understanding.  We will finish up the 1st 9 weeks pretest and start our “My Name” pieces.  Students will need to bring their S.I.N. (student interactive notebook) to class daily since this will be used to collect notes and process what they are learning.  They will also need a separate composition notebook to be used strictly for writing about reading or from prompts.  AOW #1 is on the way!  Please feel free to call me at 658-2011 or email me at chip_lmarsha@tccsa.net if you have any questions about our workload or what we are doing in class.

Mrs. Marshall

7th grade Math
Miss. Badock

This week we will be working with solving equations and diving into proportional relationships. We will play a game called guess my number which will make students work backwards through equations. We will also start a section called how big is a million. Students will investigate how tall a tower of a million pennies would be by using proportions. At the end of this week students will have another homework quiz!

7th grade Pre_Algebra

On Monday, students had a team test and on Friday they will have the chapter 1 individual test. In between the two tests we will start chapter 2. Chapter 2 is all about simplifying variables and investigating math problems using algebra tiles. We will be switching groups on Tuesday. Students will review combining like terms and perimeter during the beginning of this chapter.



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