7th Grade

The Seventh-Grade Team

Mrs. Coney, Science
Mrs. Marshall, Language Arts
Mr. Misanko, Social Studies
Miss. Badock, Math


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Report Cards - Friday, January 18th



This week in Science....

Standard that we will cover this week:


Standards: Students can explain how ocean currents can affect land climates.  Students can explain the transfer of energy between the atmosphere and the hydrosphere. 

This week in Science, students will learn about the ocean currents and how they influence global climate patterns.  Students will be analyzing and interpreting data during lab. 

Monday – Finish Walking on Thin Ice
Tuesday – No homework
Wednesday – No homework
Thursday – Finish Key Terms
Friday – No homework

                                  Mrs. Coney
 chip_coney@tccsa.net or 330.658.2011 ext. 5243


SOCIAL Studies


The 3rd quarter begins with the study of the Mongol Empire and Genghis Khan.  Students will be able to identify where the empire was located in the world and what made the Mongols such a powerful group.

Mr. Misanko

7th grade language arts


We will be wrapping up literary elements through short stories and poetry.  We will be starting nonfiction text structures and types.

  • January RDs (2) - due 1/22
  • January RAFT FC (1) - due 1/31
  • January BINGOs (5) - due 1/31

Mrs. Marshall

330-658-2011  ext. 5246

   7th grade Math    


This week we will start working with proportional relationships. We will study relationships between graphs, tables and word problems to establish if a problem proportional. Students will have exam corrections due on Friday as well as a Homework Quiz!

7th grade Pre-Algebra

This week we will be starting Chapter 6 which is all about transformations. Students will be studying translations, rotations, reflections, and dilations. They will have exam corrections due on Friday as well as a Homework Quiz!

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at chip_ebadock@tccsa.net or call at (330)-658-2011 ext. 5244

Miss Badock



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